Gabrielle Wilson Art
​Yoga Inspired
I have been inspired by my yoga practice.  Through the journey of the self to the self I have been able to tap into a more spiritual
form of expressing myself.  Some of these works are concepts that have become important to me in my journey, some are lessons learned
from the asanas that we move through in our physical practice.  All of these images are also available in note cards, the messages of 
the asanas printed on the back with the intention of inspiring others.
Padmasana - Lotus Pose
Lotus pose is used in meditation, grounding
ourselves to the earth and reaching with the
crown of the head towards higher consciousness.
We are rising through the muddy confusion
of our physical world to ultimately blossom
into illumination.  Our humble beginnings do
not prevent us from ascending.

12x12 Gallery wrapped  $249  SOLD
Hanumanasana - Split Pose
​To create the seemingly impossible one 
must first release fear and move into
fearlessness.  Split pose releases
tension in the Psoas muscle where we
store fear.  Be full of faith, ask for grace
to achieve your goals, you have the 
power to overcome.

11x14  Framed  $225  SOLD
Natarajasana - Lord of the Dance Pose
One of Shiva's incarnations teaches us 
that change is the only constant in the
universe, and change elicits fear, as do 
backbends and balancing.  But opening
your heart helps to release fear, destroy
what no longer serves and create the new.
Embracing change liberates one from 

Shiva  12x16  Framed  $289  SOLD
Garudasana - Eagle Pose
We are spiritual beings that are larger
than life in a physical body where we
often forget our divinity.  Eagle pose
begins with arms open and then we
wrap up to make ourselves small,
finally releasing back to openness.
You have more power than you
realize, turn to your divine nature to
overcome obstacles.

12x16  Framed  $245
Put your intention towards creating
what you desire and trust that what
is best for your higher purpose will
be made available.  Make intentions
general, you can't know all the 
possibilities, they are infinite.  Leave
it to the universe.

16x20  Gallery Wrapped  $295

The physical body is but a container
for your infinite spiritual being.
Remember you are divine..

18x24  Gallery Wrapped  $295
What we have been taught to be real 
is simply an illusion.  Shed yourself of 
the shadows, have faith that the universe is 
abundant and this is merely an educational
journey, chosen by your soul, to bring you
closer to spiritual awakening.

20x24 Gallery Wrapped $395  SOLD

We are one, we are connected
to Mother Earth, Father Sky, 
and all of the energies that
exist in the infinite universe.

11x14  Framed  $195
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   16x20 Framed  $379  SOLD